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August 27, 2013
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Chapter 1 Part 2 English and Espanish by Yumoe Chapter 1 Part 2 English and Espanish by Yumoe
:bulletblack: segunda parte!! al fin!!! .w. , me demore demasiado XD , prometo publicar los comics lo ams pronto posible y acabar con toda la lista de comisiones QWQ, en fin, Disfruten el comic, disfruten a nen, y a la gruñona de Léia o3o , en fin, Nen solo quiere pedir una hamburguesa es todo c: , ...creo que se postulo para convertirse en el personaje sorpresa para la cajita feliz o3o, pero fue rechazada -w-

:bulletred: Pronto se viene más de Yin y Yuu!! owo.....y quizás..ese chico >3>

:bulletblue: (c) Artwork and Characters by me:iconyumoe:
No Copy No bases No Traces No post in any site with my permission

English! TWT

Léia: how i would know it? if you don't pass me the password.., I'm not a stranger! Let me pass..
Nen: at any rate, I will not let enter ^^
Léia: ...Plan "T"
Léia: even for a...
Léia: Free coupon to go to "Toasty Burguer" ?
Nen: is real? *-*
Léia: more real than your -w-
Nen: Great! , now is mine! i can order anything!! a hamburguer? no! a combo! no! , burger with fries and one drink! Nope! i order a combo with the special toy! Yes! , i want my special toy in my happy Burguer box! Yes!!
Léia: its only a ONE hamburger...
Nen: yes I KNOW!
Léia: Listen , i give your this because you are a bit member of here , Never bribe as we have recently , Do not trust with strangers , especially with Humans , magic people, Demons and stupid witchs...
Nen: Yessir!
Léia: you even heard...
Nen: ho!! ho!! ho!! i think exist other posibility of another free hamburger with a toy!!!
Léia: Just is a idiot, I wonder if the parents are still looking for her...


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:bulletblue: todos esos sitios son de color azul! o3o
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GREENXEVILDRAGON Sep 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Nene es taaan linda..? Es ninia no? .w.
La verdad muy buen chiste XD....

De verdad ke caí en la trampa, y le iba a dar pelea...
DeltaR-9a2 Sep 1, 2013  Student
todo por una hamburguesa hahahahahha

RatsuTerra48 Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no one can resist a free burgerXD
Just a joke. he he he.
SqueezyBear Aug 29, 2013  Student General Artist's awesome
Yet I wish this was in English
Yumoe Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD, the traduction in english is below :meow:
SqueezyBear Aug 29, 2013  Student General Artist
I mean a english version to the comic with English in it...
me encanta mi reacción fue esta ::iconcannotevenplz:
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